Emma Souharce

Emma Souharce – Sorginak

napcore, soundscapes and harmonies

Red Lazer tape 
40 copies – 50 min.
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Escapade les yeux fermés entre forêt de résineux et cyclone tropical. Prenez le temps de fuser dans une sieste à consonance tranquille mais à la trame acide et versatile. Prenez le temps de vous faire rincer par les vagues sableuses chassant le souvenir lointain d’une rythmique mondaine et huileuse.

Emma Souharce is a sound artist who composes her pieces by the light of candles. Crackles, caresses, screams of micro-machines and symphonies of batrachians, Emma Souharce sculpts precise and intense archaeological footprints in the sound material. Through immersive landscapes, she weaves links between ritual and music, with the secret ambition of reaching complete symbiotic states. Her daily life is also animated by collaborative projects which the analogical orchestra Biblioteq Mdulair (co-founded with Daniel Maszkowicz) is part. Emma Souharce is also active in La Reliure collective and the publishing house Copypasta created in 2012. Emma Souharce lives and works in Geneva.