Nelson Irsapoullé is a multifacetted artist, musician, performer, activist who emerged from the underground experimental scene in Geneva, a.k.a. Fu* a.k.a Nelson LAndwerh a.k.a Nelson El Exotico.

Their vaporous compositions, doted with bewitching psychotronic and curative powers, have led them to travel throughout the world, to compose soundtracks for postporn films (e.g. for Maria Beatty’s most recent production), for performance pieces and for the theatre. Performer and member of the SM/noise group with which they share billing and develop projects, they are also passeurx de disques and member of the famous House of BuchXtra.


/// GIGS / SHOWS \\\


La nuit de la performance, performance collaborative avec Angela Marzullo, Zurich (CH)

Toward the sun, session d’écoute, TU, Genève (CH)

Massive Ménopause, performance collaborative avec Angela Marzullo, Les créatives, performance, Genève (CH)

After L’After, Installation vidéo son en collaboration avec Charlotte Carteret, TU, Geneve (CH)

Le Mâle, Exposition,performance installation, La Nef, Le Noirmont(CH)
I’ll Be Your gogo, Pornyourself Festival, Performance, La Mutinerie, Paris (FR).


Nexus Archipelago, opening show, TU, Geneva (CH)

Stwst 48/4, Art as sleep curated by Shulea Shang, Linz (AUT)

Night of sonic wonders, live set, Goethe institut, Hanoie (vietnam)

Greater China Tour, Set of intense and immersive audio performances, Chine

SM/Noise Japan Tour, audio performance, Japon

Sonorecture, live set, Zona mutante, Genève (CH)

Outrasse party, live set, Tu, Genève (CH)

Tactics #01, graduation show Neige Sanchez, HEAD, Geneva (CH)

Eleven Verneine, Deviant Art Festival, La Reliure, Geneva (CH)

FFF Channel, live set radio , ampradio, Head, Genève (CH)

Harami Anime, performance, spoutnik, Geneve (CH)



Cosmic spoutnik, dj set live, Spoutnik, Genève (CH)

Interdigitate, live set ,Zona mutante, Genève (CH)

Charmed club s’occupe du Commun, collaborative project, radio live + café, Centre de la Photographie Genève, Geneva (CH)

Daydream off, live set, central station, Genève (ch)

Witchumsprung Dance, collaborative project avec Yaron Maïm, Reflecktor, Berlin

All colors are beautiful, live set, regenbogenfabrik, Berlin

Witch Rave, dj set live, insel castle , Berlin

Magical Solutions Congress, collective exhibition and event, Charmed club, Leipzig (DE)
Prélude intersticiel, live set, Galerie Focale, Nyon (CH)

Le passeur-tronc, video, collaborative project, Neige Sanchez + Yaron curated by Quimera Rosa, Les Rencontres Bandits-Mages, Bourges (FR)

Les salons galactiques, djset live, Spoutnik, Genève (CH)

Massive Ménopause, performance collective avec Angela Marzullo, Bien, (CH)

Fmsturbation, live set, web radio, Berlin

The ready orchestra, performance sonore collective, Berlin

Zo’apple pie, live set, Cave 12 Genève(CH)


Walden, live set, Genève (CH)

Experimental drone noise, live set, Barlok, Bruxelles

July 2018 > Vietnam Harsh Macro Tour + Great China Tour
June 2018 > SM Noise Japan Tour