SM Noise

SM Noise

immersive ASMR | action body noise | explicit BDSM
Marquise, Clemydia, Maszkowicz & Nelson*

Glitter tape
50 copies – 40 min.
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Ce que vous entendez ici est le résultat d’une alchimie englobant corps humains et pièces usinées, formant une mêlée mouvante composée de métal, de membres, de micros, câbles, cire et simili-cuir.

SM NOISE, is a harsh glitch action noise piece with non simulated and explicit SM practice, bringing an intense performative dimension in noise music. Through needle play, self-suspension and chrysalidation, the performers reach a state of trance with consented positions of self-offering, and the use of several objects such as ropes, wax, whips, and scalpels. The sounds come from the interaction between their bodies – that eventually become music instruments – and the use of sensors, micro-contacts, amplification effects, glitches and brainwaves. This project deploys some parts of the performers’ intimacy with an evocation to the sound pleasures related to BDSM practice, namely shouts and growns, the rustle between synthetic materials and skin, whip, banging and slams.

Side A – Chrysalide 
performed by Clemydia
manipulations by Marquise, Maszkowicz and  Nelson*

Side B – The Hanged Man 
performed by Maszkowicz
manipulations by Marquise, Clemydia and Nelson*

Both tracks recorded April 2018 at RedRum, Geneva, Switzerland

exterior cover by Clemydia
interior drawing by Marquise